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POWER narrative
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A mother desperately tries to reconnect with her son across memories, missed calls, modern distractions, and the distance of neglected relationships.


The goal of this project is to raise awareness around elder abandonment.  We hope it inspires the audience to identify if there is anyone they are putting on the backburner in their own lives.

Completed: May 2019

TRT: 12:12

Alice - Secret Cove
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Made for the band Secret Cove, from Brooklyn, NY. Featured on The Chicagoist.

Swarovski Optiks Promotion - Birding with Kevin McGowan
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This commercial video was part of a 3 part branded content video marketing ad campaign.  By first grounding the audience into a narrative story, the commercial engages a specific target audience before promoting a product.

Non Virgin Materials - Promo
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We made this commercial for the amazing local small business  Non-Virgin Materials.  Check out all their zero-waste products!

close up macro flowers video still documentary
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The lives of a disparate group of people intersect to share an experience.

As humans, we all manipulate the stories we tell ourselves – creating our ego, our perceptions, our rationales… so how is that different than the stories we manipulate to tell others?

Our presence, our awareness of all forms of manipulation, exterior and interior, will determine our experience.

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View examples of our vast variety of work in this broad overview reel.

Live Event Highlight Video
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We specialize in expertly capturing the essence of your event, distilling its most compelling and vibrant moments into a visually stunning narrative. From energetic performances to heartfelt speeches, our skilled team ensures every highlight shines with cinematic brilliance, allowing you to relive the magic again and again.